Please choose the menu type according to your style and usage

Sushi time has an extensive original design food menu.
All food menus can be taken out, so you can choose according to your looks, style and usage. It can also be used for souvenirs, gifts, and gifts.

In addition, lunch boxes are sold only by home delivery or takeout.

  • Donut sushi
    Donut sushi
  • Temari Sushi
  • Cup sushi
  • Bento
    Kobe beef
  • Sushi cake
  • drink

* Set is also available on various menus (with soup and potato salad / ¥ 550)

* There are other menus, so please contact the staff for details

Sushi time has an attractive original design food menu.

We also have gorgeous donut sushi, Temari sushi, and sushi lunch boxes that everyone can enjoy!
Each can be taken out as needed, which is convenient when preparing as a gift such as a souvenir, present, or gift.

If you want to take out as a gift like an anniversary cake, you can use the whole cake type as a special gift menu. The whole cake type is for 2 to 3 people.