Make a day of nothing special with sushi!

At the popular sushi restaurant, Sushi time, you can experience "first time" with sushi such as sushi donuts and sushi cakes instead of ordinary nigiri sushi so that you can enjoy various types of sushi!

In addition to eat-in and take-out, sushi home delivery lunch boxes are very popular!

Not only with family and friends, but also in business situations such as meetings and entertainment, various people enjoy sushi.

Full service

Sushi Time accepts cashless payments. Not only credit card payment but also smartphone payment is possible!

You can also pay by credit card when you bring it by home delivery, so you can use it with confidence even if you do not have cash.

Sushi time, which is very popular in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto

Sushi time, which is popular in Daigo, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, is a 10-minute walk from Daigo Subway Station! Please drop in when you come near!
Currently, we are constantly changing business hours to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, so please contact the store once when you come!

In addition, we have prepared an inquiry form on our website for ordering home-delivery lunch boxes, so please use it.

Enriched attractive food menu

Sushi time has an extensive original food menu. Not only the reputation of the taste, but also the decoration of the appearance is colorful!

The food menu is an original concept menu designed and basically decorated with colorful ingredients on top of the shaped vinegared rice.
Donut sushi and cup sushi are popular at eat-in. In addition, sushi cakes are very popular for takeout!

We are very pleased that it is often used for celebrations for those who are not good at sweets and seniors.

This is a blog where the staff of a popular sushi restaurant in Kyoto talks about their daily lives.

A restaurant that has a reputation for being delicious in the city of Kyoto spells out daily impressions on its blog. The staff will talk about what they feel in their daily work. The staff is on the customer service side, but we receive many "customer service tips" from the customer's reaction.
Utilizing the "customer service tips" received from such customers, we are trying and erroring the ideal way of daily service. I would be happy if I could convey my thoughts on the service of the staff through the blog. Going forward, we will continue to devise customer service, services, and menus that will please our customers, with the support of our customers' tips for customer service. Please take a look at the daily trial and error of the staff. If you have any questions about the contents of the blog, please contact the staff.