There are many things that are noticed in daily work and customer service

Sushi time staff will report on their daily work on their blog. As you engage in customer service every day, you will notice various points.
It's only noticed from trivial events, but when you look back on it later, it often has a very deep meaning. Such important awareness is a hint for improving customer service, so we use it as an important learning opportunity. In the blog, I will talk about such various findings.

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In daily work and customer service, it is a basic idea to devise a menu that is pleased with by customers and try customer service, but the approach method of aiming to improve the quality of service only from the viewpoint of customer service is There are limitations. There are many learning points that are noticed by the customers after the staff actually provides the service devised to the customer.
In the blog, we will talk about the important points of learning that we received from customers. By talking about these points, we believe that we can convey to our customers the stance that stores that have been evaluated by customers are working together with customers to improve their services. We will continue to strive to improve our services with the aim of becoming a shop that is more satisfying for our customers, cherishing the desire to work with customers who can use it in tripods.