Sushi time is a discerning original concept

I want to bring smiles to many customers with sushi!

Sushi time wants to deliver gorgeous and delicious sushi to as many customers as possible.

We have prepared various menus so that you can enjoy sushi regardless of gender or age.


Sushi time Original menu is enriched!

You can also take out for souvenirs and gifts


Sushi time, a popular restaurant in the city of Kyoto, has good access to station Chika


Store name

Sushi time


25-13 Daigokamaeguchi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

telephone number
business hours

10:00 ~ 22:00

Delivery to home and takeout only during a state of emergency

Eat-in is open until 20:00 until October 21st

* Reservation required

Regular holiday



Kazuyuki Okayama


Delivery lunch

Sushi time is

Sushi time lunch box is very popular

In addition to sushi donuts and sushi cakes, Sushi time also sells bento boxes. The gorgeous and luxurious sushi lunch box is our original that you can't eat anywhere else. It is used in various scenes such as meetings, entertainment, training, legal affairs and home parties. In addition, for those who are not good at sushi and biology, we also have lunch boxes that are mainly other than sushi, so you can eat with your family and friends. Lunch boxes are for home delivery or take-out only, so you need to order by the day before. It is possible to deliver it not only in Kyoto city but also outside the prefecture. We look forward to your orders and inquiries by phone!

Service development

Service development

Sushi time is designed to make it easier for wheelchair users, elderly customers, and stroller customers to use the store's services so that as many customers as possible can spend comfortably in the store. We are working to improve services by making the doorway design barrier-free. Since the number of seats in the restaurant is limited, we recommend that you make a reservation by phone or email in advance if you want to use it for an important dinner party.